Imagine if every classroom in your Primary school was transformed into a band...

Imagine if every child and every teacher (even non- specialists) had a part to play and a place to belong...

Imagine if there was a system that put musical collaboration at the heart of your school. Where children were encouraged to help each other and develop musical confidence and passion together with their friends.

Imagine if holding it all together was the most ambitious Primary music curriculum ever put together with mind- blowing creative projects that actually link Music to what’s going on in the rest of your school… 

This is what we call a musical community:

Transforming schools into Musical communities is what we do at Muzingo. Our latest programme is called Classband and it could transform yours too...

You might be wondering if this is actually possible- in which case you haven’t seen ‘Growing Musical’ the documentary about the Primary School we helped to create a brand new Musical from scratch. 


Take a look behind the scenes of this project:


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Classband Term 1 

Learn the story…


Stories bring people together. Here’s a story that will make every child believe they be a musician. Take your whole school community on a journey to Muzingo Island - written with a London Primary school. This story and it’s infectiously catchy songs will make your children fall in love with Music and start to transformation the musical ethos of your school. You can even decide to put ‘Muzingo Island’ on, yourself, as your end of term production. Completely for free. Even better Children can learn at home for free. 

Because we believe in making Music for every child - all parts for all songs are available for free to your students on our YouTube channel ‘Muzingo Island’. So they can learn at home easily: no lost passwords, no admin, no login details. Simple, easy and open to all.
Having experienced Classband you will then choose the right level for your school
Choose the right Classband level for your school: 

Subscription 1: 


How does a musical community start?

By getting the foundations right.

By every child making music every day in every classroom. This means every single child understanding musical notation. Every child growing in confidence alongside their classmates as a musical team.

What you get

We know this a culture shift for your school which is why we are here to help you every step of the way.

Set on magical Muzingo Island, a host of fun and hilarious characters will guide you effortlessly through the basics in short 2-3 video lessons that fit easily into your school day. Classband starts by putting the ‘fun’ into fundamentals.

This is right for: 
Schools with a strong music programme, an inspiring music teacher and an exciting curriculum already in place, who want to build on this to create a truly inclusive musical community where every child loves and understands music.

What you need
No instruments needed. 

Step 2: 

A world class curriculum


As well daily sessions for your class. Weekly practical sessions to bring your class together and complete their transformation into a band. Get your staff confident teaching music and develop your music provision into something to proud of when Ofsted come knocking - not something to hide under the carpet- hoping they don’t ask.
We’ve assembled the latest thinking


This is right for: 

Schools who would like to upskill their staff and who want to take their Music provision to the next level. 

Step 3: 

The Magic: Become part of the story 

Incredible creative projects:
Inspired by Muzingo Island you will use our story to inspire. We want every school to create a piece of Muzingo Island

Here’s what we can do: 
Help your children write new songs, and professionally produce them to be added to Muzingo Island. The more schools join, the bigger
Every piece on Muzingo Island is written with a school.  


Customise our musical:

Create your own scenes, own songs and your own dialogue.

From September 2019 your school could become part of the story. 

Sign up before midday 19th of July and get your whole first term free. 
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