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What would a thriving musical community look like in your school?

Music woven into the fabric of school life. 



Music is more than just knowledge or skills, it is a unique form of communication. When this language becomes part of everyday school life, barriers disappear, your children and your staff develop confidence and your classrooms and corridors hum with the magical energy that only Music can bring.


Every Class a band


Every child should feel like a musician, not just those who take instrumental lessons or go to Saturday Music school. This means that in a Muzingo school every child learns to read music, sing, and play in a band with their classmates as well as participate in creative projects.  Because all our children’s resources are on YouTube, any child can go home and put what they've learned into practise.



Every teacher plays their part



There is a glaring contradiction at the heart of Music Education. We declare passionately that ‘Music is for every child’ while in fact showing that it is not for every adult. Having a music specialist in a school is a truly wonderful thing, but if the rest of your staff (who teach every other subject confidently) are scared stiff of Music, it sends a strong message to your children. One of the advantages of a meticulous curriculum broken down into tiny ‘every day’ steps is that your teachers can learn along with their classes. We want every member of your school community to ‘Grow Musical’ and we give schools the long-term support to develop teacher confidence, whether you have a Music specialist or not.



How it works

and Audit

Every school wants to inspire their young people to make the most of the short time they have within your gates. Your school, however, has its own unique priorities, strengths and challenges. During our free consultation, which lasts around an hour and a half, we look at your Music and wider curriculum provision. At the end we’ll understand how we can best transform your school and, most importantly, we’ll have a plan to put it into action.

Transforming your school

Next, we’ll create a bespoke curriculum and give you access to incredible resources and training to really get Music happening in your school. We believe in making a genuinely transformational impact and what makes a real difference is the long-term support we offer. We assign each school a Musician who will mentor your staff or help your Music-coordinator roll out training in-house. 

Transforming your community

As your school begins to see the benefits of Muzingo, you’ll want to start sharing those benefits with your community. Incredible Band and Holiday classes - open to all local children - will be led by a Muzingo teacher. Not only will we offer discounts to your students, We’ll also fund new instruments for your school through income generated.   

“One of the reasons I developed Muzingo was, despite lots of hard work, I realised I was failing; more children were leaving my Primary school thinking “I’m not a musician” than “I am a musician”. I developed Muzingo as a tool for children to be able to learn music when they can’t be in a room with me - it works better than I could have ever imagined.”   

Joe Perry, Music coordinator, Muzingo founder 

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Watch and follow us this Winter as we embark on an incredible journey to write a Musical with a London Primary School.