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In September 2018 Muzingo embarked on an adventure to write an original musical with a primary school.

'Growing Musical' uncovers the story behind the story: how one school community came together and created something magical- a process that 84% of children agreed made them happier to come to school.


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On a deeper level, the documentary explores the state of the school system itself in 2019, highlighting in particular the neglect of the arts in recent years.

Growing Musical makes the case that, when given a chance, children themselves can take ownership of their education- and that music is one of most empowering tools we can use to inspire cooperation, creativity and well being in our young people.


Watch the whole 3 part documentary below.

In September 2019 we have capacity to help another handful of schools embark on musical adventures of their own. 

Find out more about our about we could help make your primary school 84% happier.