Joe Perry

Musician-in-Chief, Muzingo  

Joe Perry is a professional musician, music educator and composer.

In 2020 he was elected an Associate (ARAM) of the Royal Academy of Music, London (where he studied as an undergraduate) in recognition of his work with young people. You can read Joe's Alumni interview here.

Aside from life as a busy freelance percussionist, Joe is a qualified music teacher, with a decade of experience in both primary and secondary schools. Joe's influence, however, has extended far beyond the classroom.

His rare fascination with musical learning has led to him researching, experimenting and collaborating with other musicians to uncover new ways to create 'musical childhoods'- which Joe defines as "more than creating musicians- it is acknowledging music's profound role in creating happy, healthy, creative, confident children and trying to make the whole process as natural as possible."

Between 2014 and 2018 Joe ran EDARA- a musicianship programme which trained hundreds of young musicians, many of whom are now enrolled at top institutions and performing thoughout the music industry.

In 2019, he worked with a primary school to create a brand new musical. Uniquely, the children themselves helped to create the story, characters and musical ideas- drawing on their own experiences and feelings about music for inspiration. 'Growing Musical' was the result and it has now been performed by Primary schools across London. The process behind the making of the show was recorded in the documentary, Growing Musical which you can watch below. 

For the last year, Joe has been transforming the musical into an interactive online world. 'Muzingo Island'- set on the magical musical island from the story- launches this summer to help create more musical childhoods and to help music teachers get exceptional results from their students. 

Muzingo Island represents a culmination of everything Joe has learned about teaching children to naturally develop both exceptional musicianship and creativity. 

Become among the first to try out Muzingo Island when it launches this summer out by signing up your child up here:

Listen to and watch some of Joe's fantastic projects with young people below.​

What Joe's doing is so, so brilliant and sorely needed... He's got such a vision for music education and he really understands the kids. - Just amazing!

Pete Churchill, Head of Jazz Composition - Royal Academy of Music (and renowned music educator)

Growing Musical


"Bravo. What an inspiring project!

Incredible work"

-Nick Smart, Head of Jazz,

Royal Academy of Music