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Going down the formal teacher training route can be a painful, long and arduous process for Musicians. It is expensive, time consuming and, although you learn a lot about children, schools, planning, assessment and systems, it can often feel very unmusical. 

I set up Muzingo to allow Musicians to teach AND continue their Musical careers. IN fact, we believe that it’s exceptionally important that you continue to develop as musicians. The worst thing for any artist is remaining stagnant. Teaching should actually stretch you musicially. In a Muzingo classroom, you are musician-in-chief. Musician AND Teacher. Now you don’t have to choose. 

Furthermore with our unique curriculum you will be teaching (and learning) the most active, fun, inspirational way to connect with and inspire young musicians. You’ll be contributing to local communities, a scheme that helps to fund new instruments for schools and places for those less well off. Schools and parents know that parents a good music teachers are priceless and we want the best musicians to have opportunities to make a difference in your area, without signing your life away for two years. When you join Muzingo, you become part of an active community of local Muzingo teachers, providing get togethers, training, jam sessions and networking. 

If you’re going to teach, teach musical. 

How it works

and Audit

Every school wants to inspire their young people to make the most of the short time they have within your gates. Your school, however, has its own unique priorities, strengths and challenges. During our free consultation, which lasts around an hour and a half, we look at your Music and wider curriculum provision. At the end we’ll understand how we can best transform your school and, most importantly, we’ll have a plan to put it into action.

Transforming your school

Next, we’ll create a bespoke curriculum and give you access to incredible resources and training to really get Music happening in your school. We believe in making a genuinely transformational impact and what makes a real difference is the long-term support we offer. We assign each school a Musician who will mentor your staff or help your Music-coordinator roll out training in-house. 

Transforming your community

As your school begins to see the benefits of Muzingo, you’ll want to start sharing those benefits with your community. Incredible Band and Holiday classes- open to all local children- will be led by a Muzingo teacher. Not only will we offer discounts to your students, We’ll also fund new instruments for your school through income generated.  





“One of the reasons I developed Muzingo was, despite lots of hard work, I realised I was failing; more children were leaving my Primary school thinking “I’m not a musician” than “I am a musician”. I developed Muzingo as a tool for children to be able to learn music when they can’t be in a room with me - it works better than I could have ever imagined.”   

Joe Perry, Music coordinator, Muzingo founder 

Watch and follow us this Winter as we embark on an incredible journey to write a Musical with a London Primary School. 


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