We create musical childhoods

Music is suffering in our schools:
  • Last year there were 40,000 less instrumental exams than in 2012
  • 17% fall in GCSE music entries since 2015
  • 40% decrease in A Level music since 2011
  • 50% Primary schools 'narrowed' their curriculum to focus on SATS
"Music Education in England is in crisis. The Government must act quickly to ensure music does not become the preserve of a privileged few." -Music Education: State of The Nation report Incorporated Society of Musicians, February 2019
BUT the problem is bigger than exam statistics
-We see classrooms where 40% children have already given up playing an instrument.... by the time they are 8 years old!
- We see children starting music lessons who have no idea WHY they play an instrument
- We see schools teaching music who don't really know WHY they teach it (other than it being on the curriculum)
- We see parents who are either:
  • not sure how their child should START with music
  • Terrified their children will STOP playing music
We're here to help. . . 
Our Mission:
Muzingo exists to get MORE children starting music.
Muzingo exists to help more children discover WHY they learn music. So they carry on playing. Because Music makes children happier. (84% happier to be precise)
Muzingo exists to create happy, healthy, magical, musical childhoods.
Which is why we do things like this. . .

What we do

Transform               your school

Classband is the innovative new curriculum from Muzingo that tranforms your Primary school into a musical community.

  • Turn every classroom into a band

  • Every child and every teacher have a part to play.

  • Works with or without a Music specialist

Watch Our Documentary


The amazing story of how we helped one London Primary school create an original musical from scratch.

Watch children embark on a magical adventure and fall in love with music in the process. Growing Musical shows what children can achieve when they're inspired and when a school embraces the arts.

This is where the magic happens

A world just for children to learn Music.

Full of incredible songs, which will inspire your children to pick up an instrument or practise one they've already got. Open and completely free to all children.

It's part of our commitment to making music education a fairer place.

Where we work

In Schools

We start by making the biggest impact first. Transforming schools into vibrant musical communities. Every child a musician, every classroom a band. Every teacher involved.

Amazing online resources to support children to play every day and make rapid progress at home.

Holiday classes, clubs and lessons offered to all in the local area. With the school as a base. We believe in getting great musicians into local schools and helping them make a difference.

At Home
In the community

Essentially, we believe in opening doors, rather than closing them. Children, at the beginning of their musical journeys need to try lots of things, lots of ways of learning, lots of instruments and develop as many skills as they can. Our job is to do justice to a planet teeming with musical life and give children the tools they need to explore this world. Eventually, we hope children will forge their own musical destinies, rather than walk a pre-determined path we have created for them.

Joe Perry, Muzingo Founder

Muzingo services and support

Online videos
Schools Training

Your school transformed into a vibrant centre of music-making.

Get a free audit and bespoke curriculum design right for your school.

Online Videos

Your child. Able to learn independently and make music effortlessly with others.

Start learning on Youtube Now.


Music teaching that makes you a better musician and the chance to make a real difference.

Pre-register for the most musical teacher training programme.


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